monotone monday

Monday, February 27, 2012

hello, my dears.  the weekend flew by in a flash and tada!  it's monday again.

today i present you with one of my favorite color schemes... the neutral monotone.

trad home 2011 // here // rus anson via here // finnish home via desire to inpsire // the sartorialist

and contrary to what the name suggests... these warm and luxurious ensembles end up being anything but boring.  by sticking to one color family - especially when it's neutral - it allows the textures to really pop & become the main interest.  little details such as nailhead trim or carved moldings that can easily become lost amidst busier & more complicated color schemes are able to truly stand on their own.

what do you think?  would you ever choose to use a neutral monotone color scheme in your home or wardrobe?  i'd love to hear how you would rock your monotone...

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p.s.  i am very disappointed to announce that my upcoming humanitarian trip to south america has been postponed as of saturday evening until june 2012 :(

humanitarian in the making

Friday, February 24, 2012

this friday, i'd like to take a break from the usual design chatter & pretty pictures and speak on something of a bit more importance.

my father has taught me many valuable things, but none other than the immense significance of serving others.

through all my years, i have watched my dad dedicate himself to several different humanitarian projects both close to home and across the world.  he has a true passion for serving others & has tried to instill the same enthusiasm in me both through his example & by including me in projects when he can.  next thursday, my father and i will be traveling to colombia & ecuador to check in on some of the projects he has been working on there in education & health care.

 photo credits: here // here // here // here

although there will be a language barrier for me (luckily my father's spanish is beyond fluent), i am anxious to serve in anyway that i can.  and hey, if i can't figure out how to communicate to the kids how to properly brush their teeth, i'm sure i can manage to teach them a few awesome dance moves.  that's one of my favorite facets of dance... it's a universal language.  either way, i am thankful & eager for this opportunity to serve.

and a quick thank you to all those that have become new followers recently.  i really appreciate your help in achieving my goal of 100 followers in my first month.  and look, we're getting closer!  thank you, again!
wishing you the best of weekends. 
& hoping you all have the opportunity to serve in even a small & simple way.

new life/design motto

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

my new life/design motto.  simple & concise & just the way i like it.

please excuse the short post today.  i have been battling with the flu for the past couple of days & am feeling less than peachy at the moment.  my tweet from last night sums it up pretty well...

that flu shot i never got is sounding pretty great about now #feverblues

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hope your tuesdays are all feeling better than mine!

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kb design files: kitchen

Monday, February 20, 2012

happy president's day monday!

today i give you a glimpse into my future home design files...
the first room that comes to mind when i start thinking about my someday home... is the kitchen.

i have pretty strong feelings about the kitchen.  i find the kitchen to be the most important room of the home.  the kitchen is where i want to raise my family.  i picture my kids coming home from school, sitting at the counter, eating snacks & doing their homework while i prepare dinner.  i see saturday mornings always including eggs, pancakes & homemade buttermilk syrup.  and sunday evenings should always involve the eating of some sort of baked good.

truth be told... i love kitchens!  and when i think about my future kitchen, a few commonalities always come to mind.  the most consistent one... beautiful, white, open shelving.  just take a look!

photo credits: young house love // via southern living photographed by alexandra rowley //

now tell me... what do your kitchen dreams consist of?

and thank you for all your sweet comments about my jylare photoshoot.  all the credit should go to her!

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thank you, thank you!  i really appreciate your support.

jylare photoshoot: photo results!

Friday, February 17, 2012

this afternoon i am happy to share the results from my alice lane photoshoot.  this shoot was done earlier this month and was shot by the amazingly talented jylare smith.

i've said this before, and i'll say it again.  i am nooooo model.  in order to do this photoshoot, i had to become completely comfortable with laughing at myself.  a lot.  the simple commands to professional models of 'soft smile, talk naturally to the window, tuck your hair gently behind your ear while slowly moving your eyes towards the camera and slowly going from serious to smile...' do not come at all naturally to me.  i am so grateful for the patient coaching & talent of jylare.  i don't think i'll be recruited for america's next top model any time soon, but i love the finished photos & think they are perfect for what i need.  thank you so much, jylare!

so... what do you think?

and with that, i'm wishing you all a happy friday & weekend!    i have some very much needed time off this weekend.  i am excited to play catch up on a few things & just relax.   i may or may not also be going to hear mitt speak tomorrow night in slc.  fitting?  maybe?  who knows what next november will bring!

 what are YOU up to this president's day weekend?  whatever it is, enjoy!

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have a great weekend, my friends.  thanks for reading!

weekly wishlist: wall art edition

Friday, February 17, 2012

my three main areas of pursuit...

1. dance
2. art
3. design

i was given my first leotard and pair of dance shoes at age three... and until about my junior year of college, dance was my number one focus in life.

then, at age 21, i traveled to london on a study abroad program and fell in love with the paintings at the national gallery, courtauld, wallace collection, tate, etc.  i came home and immediately switched my major from dance to art history.  i kept dancing & teaching, but for the first time ever, i had a new passion.

after graduation, i started my masters degree in fine & decorative arts at the sotheby's institute of art in london.  for the large part of my course, i was focusing 50 percent on fine art (painting, sculpture, etc) and 50 percent on decorative art (furniture, ceramics, interiors, etc).  it wasn't until i began writing my dissertation that i was 100 percent focusing on design and interiors.

today, interior design is definitely what i concentrate and work on first.  second, i am still an almost full-time dance teacher.  and third, if i ever have a free second, it is usually spent perusing my old art history texts, searching for new and interesting artists online, and of course, fitting museum visits in to any vacations.

the point of this little personal history lesson... art is still is a huge part of my life.  there are few things as mesmerizing to me as seeing the intricate texture of paint on a canvas whilst sticking my face only a few inches in front of the painting.  (ever been that close to a van gogh or even a rothko?  it's AAA-mazing.)  and yes, i have been scolded from time to time by a few museum security guards.  oops.

my taste in art has definitely shifted a bit over time.  in the height of my dancer days, i thought edgar degas' ballerinas were the most spectacular things on earth.  when i was first studying art history i was passionate about everything from medieval to dutch to italian art.  i truly thought that the renaissance was beautiful!  and then one day, while in amsterdam on an art history tour, i ran into the giant-size matisse... the red room (harmony in red)... and my perception and taste in art was dramatically altered.  the colors, the shapes, the irregularities, the unexpected strokes, and did i mention the colors?  i was in love.

from that day, my taste in art has pulled more and more modern, and more and more abstract.

more than anything, i love the unexpected.

thanks to the online world today, it is possible for so many talented artists to be discovered, both in traditional mediums (i.e. paint) and the new mediums (i.e. graphic print).  here is a collection of some of the art that has caught my attention & made its way onto my wishlist this week...

1. glowing flowers, by the lovely leanne shapton 
2. neon ampersand screen print, from shopampersand 
3. colorblind giclee print illustration, matheus lopes
3. twiggy and peonies, from eye of the beholder
4. august's humid decline, by the amazing caroline wright
5. london transportation map line poster, by lineposters

what artists have caught your attention lately?  or simply, what is your favorite genre of art?  i'd love to talk art anytime, so please do share!

and i'll be back later today with the photos from my photoshoot with the amazing jylare!

valentine's wishes

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

last friday i was able to spend the day with two of my very favorite ladies and bake a few of my very favorite things just in time for valentine's day.  there are few people in this world that i love more than my nieces & i feel very blessed to have the relationship with them that i do.  i also feel blessed when i get to eat delicious sugar cookies that we've all made from scratch.  thanks for the help, my little ladies!

what are the special things you like to do with those you love most?
(sadly, most of mine include the baking & eating of baked goods.)

today is brian & my first official valentine's day together.  he asked me on a date for valentine's one year ago today... which i politely declined at the time.  over the past year, however, things have progressed a bit.  today, i asked him to be MY valentine.  and luckily, he said yes.

here's wishing you all the loveliest of valentine's days spent with the ones you love most!

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all my love & thanks to you!

the entryway: make an impression

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

to start your valentine's morning, i give you...

the entryway...

one of my honest-to-goodness favorite areas of a home to design.  the entryway gives the first impression of your home and deserves careful consideration.  the entryway is there to ease one's transition from the outside world to the interior home and should be both functional and visually pleasing.  in addition to have interesting details and elements, an entryway should include practical things such as catch-all trays for keys and such, benches or seats to aide in removing shoes, and mirrors for that last-second check before you run out the door.

while recently working on the entryway of a client's home, i have become completely smitten with entryways containing large floor mirrors.  just check out the goodness below...

photo credit: nicole cohen's (of sketch 42) beautiful entryway via rue issue 3

photo credit: west elm copper hammered floor mirror (sadly, no longer available)

photo credit: mcgill design group

the concept of incorporating a large floor mirror works perfectly with my client's entryway and its limited space directly inside the door.  this client is hoping to update and lighten the feel of her home but still not completely lose its rich, old-world european feel.  here is the design board i worked up for the space located immediately inside her front door...


this is a minimal design concept for the smaller space of the entryway.  we will also be incorporating a bombe chest and detailed vignette into the nook of the staircase to add some color and interest to her entryway.  i will be working more on this project this week & will update you soon.

what are your thoughts on entryways?  any elements you would love to incorporate into your space?

(and don't fret... i'll be back with a valentine's inspired post later today!)


i'm a master!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

it's official!  i'm a master.

master of fine & decorative arts, that is.

i just received my official notice on beautiful A4 paper from sotheby's in the mail today.  my masters dissertation has been reviewed & approved, and with that, my masters degree is finished.  wahoo!  feels so great to be done.  thanks to all those who have helped & supported me along the way.  one of the best & hardest years of my life is complete! 

red & pink valentine fever

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

red & pink have been popping up all over the place lately.  and while it's always been an accepted combo when dealing with valentine's decor, it has inducted itself as an acceptable combo into our closets & homes as well.  you've seen it praised all over the fashion world... but does this bold color combination receive the same amount of positive support when used in an interior?
i for one, think red & pink interiors are absolutely gorgeous.  (did you notice the pillow combination in my mixed patterns design board?)  i usually find red hues harsh and way too dominating, but when paired with a lovely preppy pink, the result is enticing & fun.

the kb files are big fans of the red & pink pairing that's been so in vogue as of late.  and sincerely hope this hot couple is more than just a valentine's day fling!

what's your opinion of the red & pink combo... hot or not?

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p.s.s. if you are as big of a fan of pink & red as me... be sure to check out one of my favorite bloggers, chassity, over at look linger love.  red & pink & pretty all over!

photo credits: outfit one: stylist/model: nicole warne, photographer: zanita whittington, hair & makeup: vanessa collins // pom-pom garland: noodlehead // outfit two: emma stone // interior one: miles redd // valentine m&m's: flickr // interior two: axiom interiors

hey you, what's your style?

Monday, February 6, 2012

'kb, how do you describe your interior style?'

this is one of the most common questions i receive from friends and potential clients, and frankly with all the many styles out there & the creative words to define them, i've had a hard time pinning it down precisely & concisely.

a few words that come to mind...
 and that list could go on and on and on.

here are a few examples of rooms & words that describe them that are definitely in the running for illustrating my interior aesthetic.

photo credit: bedroom of dara caponigro, photographed by paul costello, domino: the book of decorating

 photo credit: tribeca loft by bertrand benoit, photographed by richard powers

 photo credit: living room of sarah ruffin costello, photographed by paul costello, domino: the book of decorating

as you can see, i am still a bit all over the map in terms of style.  perhaps an eclectic, yet clean, conglomeration of them all?  i think if i HAD to define my aesthetic today, however, i would call it classically modern.

**remember my list of 30 before i'm 30?  well, #27 just happens to state, 'determine how to define my style & aesthetic in a clear concise way.'  i promise i'm working on it!

now it's your turn.  take a quick break from your monotonous monday and share with me... what's your interior style?

kb's weekly wishlist: premiere edition

Friday, February 3, 2012

here's just a few things that have caught my eye this week...

1.  the beautiful, simple, and bright artwork of jen ramos over at cocoa & hearts.
2.  groundhog day had me coveting warmer days & spring's hottest ballet flats from top shop.
3.  i'm convinced there is no better tote than longchamp's large le pliage.
4.  wouldn't this be the perfect valentine's day outfit? this jcrew skirt & blouse have my heart all aflutter.
5.  if only this poster seen on glitter guide had a GIANT diet coke bottle/can/fountain drink on it... it would be mine.
6.  with my wedding thank-you note writing days quickly approaching, i am thinking about investing in one of these classy custom calligraphy return address stamps.  awesome wedding gift idea people.
7.  and last but not least... what i wouldn't give for a society social duchess chair with custom upholstery?!  perhaps in a chevron or stripe.  bold, bright & graphic for sure!

what's on your wishlist this week?

and thank you for hanging around the first week here at the kb files.  i really, really appreciate & sincerely hope you love what you see.  i'd love you to take a few minutes & become an official follower... just click the 'join this site' button on the side bar.  and be sure to come right back here monday morning.  lots of exciting things in store!

thanks again.  you guys are the best.

wedding wednesday: save the date

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

this spring, i get to marry my best friend.

here's the 'save the date' that was sent to the wedding party and out of town guests.  they were designed by my fabulous graphic designer & now dear friend jenna, of {q.a.} designs.  jenna and i have never actually met in person, but after sending an awful lot of emails back and forth while working on my 'kb files' site design (and by the way, didn't she do a great job?), we have come to the conclusion that we were pretty much meant to be friends.  if any of you require any graphic design services... hire her.  i promise, she's the best.  just look what she created for brian & i!

as the 'save the date' suggests, my fiance and i met in september 2010 while pursuing our masters degrees in london.  we shared our first kiss beneath the moon in the middle of the moroccan desert (after not showering for three days while on a camel trek... eeek.)  we knew we wanted to get married for sure after a weekend trip to his home state of washington.  and last november he surprised me by getting down on one knee and popping that oh so important question at a salt lake city art gallery.  in case you missed it.  i said yes.

now, a quick/incredibly slow three months later, i am in the crazy midst of wedding planning and am loving every second of it.  lace dresses, tasteful decor, delectable food, colorful flowers... all i can say is i better have some daughters some day so that i can do this all over again. 

what was the favorite part of planning your wedding?  or what element are you most looking forward to?  i'm slightly infatuated with everything wedding right now & would love to hear about yours!

be sure and visit my pinterest wedding board for a glimpse into my wedding inspirations.  and come back tomorrow to catch my altitude design summit 2012 recap.  happy wedding wednesday, my dears!

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