kb wedding wednesday: engagements!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

first of all, just wanted to say a quick thank you for the love yesterday about my healthy eats post.  i was a little hesitant to go to a more personal place than usual and speak of health & weight & body image & such... and i really appreciate all of your tips & tricks and for how kindly it was received.  you guys are the best.  thank you!  and for those of you that are new to the kb files... welcome!  i'm so happy to have you & invite you to become an official follower by clicking here.

now on to today...

i'm excited to share with you our engagements, taken by the seriously amazing photographer alixann loosle.  her work is gorgeous!  and i am just happy we were lucky enough to be a few of her subjects.  be sure to check out her site for more of her lovely work.

without further ado, here they are! (or at least some of them!)

i think it's hard not to be overly critical of photos of yourself.  i start to criticize silly things like... i hate that one strand of hair, my belt is crooked, my left eye looks a tad droopy, etc.  but, the more i look at these, the more i love them.  i think more than anything, i love what they represent.  the two silly people in these photos have something pretty special (although i might be a tad biased).  it's unlike anything i've ever known before.  we randomly met halfway around the world and now, in just a couple more months, this boy & this girl will be married for time & all eternity.  i don't think i can fully understand the importance of that right now, but i do know that i am beyond grateful that i met brian & now have the opportunity to be with him forever.  there's been times in my life when i wasn't certain i would get here.  i don't know what i've done to deserve him, but he's pretty great & i'll keep him!  i think my absolute favorite photo of all is the close-up of brian's face with me whispering in his ear.  (bet you wish i'd tell you what i was saying, but too bad, that's for his ears only!)  i just love that face so much.  that handsome boy right there, he's my soon-to-be husband & is without a doubt, the most amazing man ever.

(to learn a bit more about our story... visit my old personal blog to read about my 2011 year in review & our engagement.)

the kb wedding countdown is now at 60 days.

our wardrobe...

on her:
#1 bcbg dress: nordstrom's // yellow belt: j.crew // frye melissa button boots: nordstrom's // navy blue wool coat: j.crew // michael kors watch: nordstrom's
#2 tweed pencil skirt: banana republic // ivory silk blouse: banana republic // vince camuto wool booties: nordstrom's // pearl cluster necklace: j.crew // seafoam bauble stretch bracelet: j.crew
*all other jewelry: old

on him:
#1 chambray shirt: j.crew // khaki chinos: french connection // leather chuck taylors: nordstrom's // tan blazer: j.crew
#2 gray slim suit: zara // white smart care slim dress shirt: nordstrom's // purple tie: brooks brothers // allen edmonds: nordstrom's


  1. these are magical. so happy for your happiness!!

  2. Oh those are so gorgeous! And you look beautiful, girl.

  3. You couldn't be any prettier Miss Summerhays. Love you.

  4. these are amazing! you are so darling!

  5. I love these! you are so gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful! Love reading your blog!

  7. These photos are stunning! So very sweet.

  8. amazing photos katie! love you pretty girl!

  9. I absolutely love them! You guys look so happy! I love it!

  10. Ah! I'm dying. These are gorgeous and amazing and perfect. You are perfection! And your dress?! Holy Lama Jama.

  11. i am obsessed. you two make one gorgeous gorgeous couple.

  12. you are GORGEOUS! can't wait for this may extravaganza! it will be perfect.

  13. i LOVE the second one so much. and many more down the line but i don't know what numbers they would be. she is amazing!! i want her to do my family photos.

  14. These look fabulous! You should be really pleased. Congrats on your upcoming wedding.

    p.s. I see your a "new" blogger too this year. I am too. I am a new follower to your blog and I would love it if you would follow mine as well. ~Annie

  15. you are quite the beauty!!!! love these and you

  16. LOVE those pictures!
    priceless. :)
    and the grey skirt is adorable.

  17. I am obsessed with that striped dress! Swoon :)

    I'm glad I found your blog. You have flawless style.

    Your newest follower,

    Mindy at www.nauticalstripes.com

  18. This is SO crazy!!!! Okay. You do not know me at all and I don't know you. . .the lovely Jenna helped me with my design blog and I saw her post on yours so I checked ya out! I was scrolling through and came to your engagement pictures and was looking through, thinking how pretty you looked and was looking at some of your awesomly beautiful outfit choices when I saw that your are marrying Brian!!! Small small world, I'm good friends with his older sister Lesley and I am crazy about all those Mickelsens!!! Tell Brian that Jamie Peterson says hello and congrats! His mom just told mine that he's engaged and marrying a wonderful girl, she was relaying the info to me just last night. Ha!

    So, congrats! I just love that family.


    P.S. love your blog too, :)

  19. How will you ever choose? You are stunning beyond words! So happy for you two.

  20. Love your engagement pictures. They are simply beautiful! I can't wait to do ours! This made me more excited :)


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